Acrylic Charms and Protective Films

When you receive an acrylic charm or standee from JOSSHERE, (and likely from most other small business and artists), the charm will have a clear protective film on each side of the charm. This is to ensure that the charm is not scratched or damaged in transit. 

When you first get an acrylic good from me and it looks like this:

 mini heart uchiwa charm with protective film still on

(Scratches, weird bubbles, oh no!)

Do not worry!! The charm itself is fine. The damage you're seeing is on the protective film. 

mini heart uchiwa charm with protective film being peeled off from the top left corner

To remove the protective film and get yourself a nice and clear charm, I suggest gently scratching at a spot at the edge of the charm, and peeling it from there. Others have suggested putting a piece of tape over the charm and pulling at that to help get the film off, but your mileage may vary, depending on how well the film is applied.

protective film off the charm, to the left; charm with film off next to it

(Yay, film is now off!! Charm is pretty and clear!)

charm with protective film taken off

Some people don't remove the film at all! They put the charm on their keys or lanyard and the wear and tear of some use naturally helps peel the film off. That works too!

Peeling the protective film can be a bit tricky, and especially difficult for some. If you have trouble removing it, please feel free to leave an order note, and I can remove it for you! (Please be aware, however, that this does leave your charm more open to damage during transit).

One last thing: charms with epoxy do not have a protective film on the epoxy (rounded) side. They only have one on the back, which is flat! 


Thank you for reading - I hope that answered any questions you may have about the protective film on your charms. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out! You can email me at

Thank you! 🌼

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