Hi, I'm Joss!
And I'm here. Making stickers :-) I'm an illustrator from Southern California who likes drawing cute things!! Everything here is done by me - I design everything, I take all the product photos, I run this website, I pack all of your orders, it's a lot of work but I'm happy doing what I do! I hope it makes you happy too. 
As mentioned above, I do pack orders myself, with occasional help from my sister, so it can take up to a week to get your order out. After shop updates, there's a huge influx of orders, so it might take 2 weeks! I hope you understand, I try to pack orders as fast as I can but I can only do so much. 🙏
My stickers are printed on vinyl, and then covered with a matte laminate for additional protection. The exception is expression sheets, which are paper stickers, and not water-resistant! I have my stickers made by a USA-based printer, and the expression sheets I print myself.
If you have any shop-related questions, please feel free to use the contact form or email me directly at hello@josshere.com.
For commission/freelance/business inquiries, please email me at hijosshere@gmail.com.
You can also find me on:
twitter | instagram 
Thank you so much!