You can also check my retrospring for past answers if a question you have isn't answered here! If you have a question specific to your order, please email me with your order number.


Can I combine my order?
Yes! If you have two orders you'd like combined, please message/email me with both of your order numbers. I'll send out your orders together and refund you the extra shipping fee.
Can I add onto my order?
Yes! Please just let me know ASAP- message or email me with your order number, and what you'd like to add. If it's still in stock, I'll add it for you, and you'll receive an invoice to your email.
I added something on accident! Can I remove it from my order?
Yes! Just message/email me ASAP with your order number and what you'd like to remove! If I haven't packed your order yet, I can fix it for you, but if it's been mailed, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do;;
I picked the wrong option for something! Can I get a different version instead?
Yes, if you let me know ASAP. Email/message with your order number and what you need fixed. If I haven't packed your order yet, I can fix it for you, but if it's been mailed, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do;;
How long will it take to receive my order?
If there are no pre-order items in your order, it's usually around 1-3 weeks. I ship everything via USPS First Class, and their estimated delivery time is 1-5 days for domestic mail. For international mail, it can take up to a few months for delivery.


Where are you located?
California, USA!
Do you ship to ____?
I ship worldwide, and to most countries! Countries I cannot ship to due to COVID19 restrictions are listed here. I do not ship to the UK due to VAT reasons. Please check my etsy if you're in the UK! 
My tracking says "Returned to sender?"
If this happens, there's likely an error in the address you input at checkout, or the package was unable to be delivered. If your order's tracking says it was returned to sender, please let me know, and I can have the package re-sent to you (as long as you pay the second shipping fee).
I haven't received my package.  What do I do?
I'm sorry, but once a package has been given to the post office, it's out of my hands. If your package appears to be lost, please check USPS's missing mail page, and if you can, start a missing mail search.


Are your stickers water-resistant?
Most of my stickers are, with the exception of the expression sheets! The expression sheets are paper stickers, and should not come in contact with water.
Are freebies water-resistant?
Starting October 2021, yes, freebie stickers are water-resistant. Freebies before this were not, though, so be careful with those!
What ink can I use to refill my Horanghae stamp?
The ink the stamps is oil-based, so please refrain from using water-based inks. The ink you need is also called "flash ink" and can be found on ebay, or aliexpress. Sorry that it's a little hard to find!!
How do I refill the Horanghae stamp?
You can unscrew the orange top, and simply drop a few inks into the hole there!
Will you restock ____?
If there's interest, I'll try! Feel free to let me know in my retrospring if you'd like something to be restocked-- I can't guarantee it, but it's good to know if there's interest for it.
What are your manufacturers?
Message me and I'll happily share my current sticker manu! As for washi, I'd rather keep that private for now since I'm still rather new to using them. 
Thank you for reading!